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Why this could be the best Oscars ceremony yet

Now cheap louis vuitton bags from china , under normal circumstances, we would never have had a chance to peek inside young Mescal’s leafy vinyl cave. Any other year, we’d be talking about the suit (Louis Vuitton autumn/ winter collection, FYI), the hair (nice fringe, as always) and the guest on his arm (he wouldn’t have brought the plant). But times have changed. We’re making aaa replica designer handbags the most of them. And this year’s Emmys were, in fact, the best in years.

The very notion of a star studded awards show during high quality replica handbags china a pandemic might seem crass, but so too is the idea that all celebratory arts ceremonies should be cancelled. What good would that do? This week, an over excited Washington Post piece called for next year’s Academy Awards to be culled from the movie calendar. “It’s time to face up to reality and cancel the 93rd Oscars,” wrote columnist Alyssa Rosenberg. But why? The arguments were interesting (fewer “Oscar eligible” titles, reduced “access” to works, the unglamorous medium of Zoom etc), yet comically inaccurate.

The Oscars have never been cancelled. It has cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk survived great wars, international incidents and seismic threats from Mother Nature. It has skipped just one calendar year since its inception in 1929 and replica louis vuitton even then, that was merely to accommodate a change from a winter show to a spring ceremony, and films released throughout 1933 were accommodated the following year.

Indeed, the first Academy Awards ceremony took place on May 16, 1929, and 1:1 replica handbags the winners fake designer bags were announced three months before the live event. Stars were awarded for multiple works within a 12 month period. Dinner was served, and a ticket for the show cost just $5. Oh and the presentation part of the evening lasted just 15 minutes.

These days, it’s a different ball game altogether. This year’s Oscars clocked in at a backside numbing three and a half hours. It was worth millions of dollars in advertising revenue. Aside dolabuy.su , of course, from Bong Joon ho’s wonderful Parasite picking up the biggest prize on the night, Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags it was a bit of a bore.

But 2021’s show could be something special. The details are scarce. We know that the Academy has decided to make room for titles which were originally planned for theatrical release but, in light of unprecedented shifts in the cinematic landscape due to Covid 19, have had to find a new home on digital streaming services.

Films released up until the end of February will also be eligible and the ceremony will now take place on April 25, 2021. It’s not the first time the Oscars has been postponed. The Los Angeles flood of 1938 pushed the ceremony out by a week, forcing organisers to switch locations. In 1968, the Academy pushed the Oscars out by two days following the assassination of civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1981, following an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, the folks in charge decided to delay the party by 24 hours. But this is different.

Again, this year’s Emmys ceremony fake louis bag was a knockout. The Schitts Creek love in was adorable. Mark Ruffalo’s wife, Sunrise Coigney, celebrating her husband’s win next to him on the couple’s couch, was quite emotional. Everyone involved seemed to be having a genuinely lovely time.

It will be interesting to see how the IFTAs goes about its business this Sunday evening. That they’ve managed to convince Martin Scorsese to present an award is one of the benefits of a virtual ceremony. For once, it might actually Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags be enjoyable to watch. Whatever happens, it will be a communal experience and it will likely cut through the bullshit one usually associates with these ceremonies.

Another upside of a 2021 virtual Oscars is that anything can happen. By the start of November, we usually have some sort of idea of what awards season will look like. But from where I’m sitting, the race is wide open and I’d be lying if I said the idea of a wildcard Oscars year didn’t excite me.

There are some certainties. Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland, an acclaimed US drama starring two time Best Actress winner Frances McDormand as a woman who swaps a conventional life for the wilderness, looks set to make one hell of an entrance. Both are locked in for awards season glory louis vuitton copy bags uk , alongside Aaron Sorkin’s Netflix high quality designer replica handbags courtroom joint, The Trial Of The Chicago 7.

I’d also put money on Saoirse Ronan collecting a nomination for the forthcoming Ammonite. After that? Well, I just don’t know.

It’s no surprise, then, that every other marquee picture has decided to jump ship. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, No Time To Die, Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake they’ve all been delayed, and the absence replica louis vuitton bags from china of these and several other heavy hitters has us wondering who and what will lead the charge at next year’s Oscars.

It might shine a light on the smaller, independent features at the back of the room. It might provide the most exciting, most unpredictable Oscar race in decades. It might finally give Academy voters the sight and scope to broaden their horizons for a more welcoming and more diverse presentation.

Cancelling the Oscars would be a kick in the teeth for the filmmakers whose work was still released this year.

Indeed, traditional Oscar campaigns are out the window. No one film will dominate the conversation. For once, the ceremony might actually focus on the work instead of who wore what on the red carpet.

Oh and we might get to join our favourite actors for an online toast.

Yep, we’re all in the same boat here. But imagine watching an Oscars ceremony in which six time nominee, Amy Adams, finally picks up a trophy over a bottle of beer at home, next to her laptop, her turntable and a houseplant. I’d pay good money to see that.

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